Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

#CanadianKids at #CypressHills #Canada150

We arrived in southern Saskatchewan on a beautiful Friday in July.  The weather we hit en-route was far from desirable, but after a night in a Walmart parking lot, we made it! I’m not one for road trips. I guess you could say I’m a tad impatient!  I wish I could be more like our daughter Cara, who’s 9, it doesn’t matter if were driving to the store, or have a longer journey in front of us, she totes along numerous chapter books. I think she brought a dozen books for our 10 day trip.  Time escapes her when she’s reading. Me, on the other hand, am more like our son, JT who is 7. “Are we there yet?” “What do we have to eat?” “How much longer?” Add that to the aches and pains of having arthritis throughout my knees and lower back, I’m definitely a piece of work to travel with.  Poor Clive! My husband is pretty quiet, calm and collective you might say, but I’m sure after 10 hours in a car with me, he has tuned me out and is quietly reminiscing on his days as a bachelor.

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. The grounds of the park were breathtaking, however ‘Cougar Warning’ and ‘Fire Restriction’ signs were posted everywhere. I’m okay with not having a campfire, but not so much with seeing a cougar. WTH!

IMG_9702 (1)

Our campsite was #9 in the Lodgepole campground. The sites were typical of an RV park, sparse trees and limited privacy. Our fire pit neighboured that of our neighbours, making our typical gathering area less than enjoyable. Because of this, I was kind of happy there was a fire ban.


After squeezing into our site, it was tight, we grabbed our bikes and despite the cougar warning, we set out on our first adventure – and quite the adventure it was.

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