Family Fun at Cypress Hills

If you’re looking for a place to take the kids that is full of activities and opportunities, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is the place to go.

The park itself is classified as a resort with both year round residents and year round activities.  During our stay at the park, the man-made lake had swimmer’s itch, but we made do regardless. Our days were filled with bike rides, hikes, swimming at the pool, geo-caching, horseback riding, water sports, moose sightings and Lego (we never leave home without it!)

Bicycle obstacle course and evening rides all while enjoying the beautiful weather in southern Saskatchewan.

Highland Rotary Hike at Cypress Hills. The drought has had a devastating effect on the plant and animal life on this hike route. The dry path crunched with each step we took. Dried up beaver dams and lifeless trees were visible along the route. #CypressHillsNeedsRain

Geo-caching = free treasure hunt. Why wouldn’t you try it? Cara and JT love to hunt for geo’s. We started geo-caching last year and it continues to amaze me how many caches are hidden everywhere.  We found 20+ caches during our time in #ExploreSask and could’ve found 100s more if we had more time.


Swimming at the Cypress Hill pool. In the dead of summer, be sure to get to the pool early, as once they reach capacity, you’ll be out of luck. The pool itself, was well maintained, but the washrooms needed some help by mid-day.

When Cara found out that their was horseback riding, there was no holding her back. This was both Cara and JT’s first time riding and they loved it! They were gone for 45 minutes and came back with many stories and full of excitement. Not sure how were going to top this!

Paddle boats and other water sport equipment available for rent at the Cypress Hills marina. Great owners and great fun!

Exploring #MapleCreek Cara was quite excited to find a store with her name in it! Be sure to check out Cowtown Kids Candy and Toy Store and head upstairs to see the magnificent 32000 piece puzzle on display on their wall. #NewYorkCitySkyLine

Growing up in Northwestern Ontario brought many opportunities to see a variety of wildlife. However, since moving to the city, moose sightings are limited (obviously!) During our stay at Cypress Hills, we were warned that cougars weren’t in fact the problem or the reason to be worried, but rather the moose were. If you see a moose, stay back and be prepared to take cover. Clive, the kids and I are still in awe that we came across a total of 5 moose. Talk about long legs!

Cara’s fascination with books has really taken off this year, as well as JT’s love for LEGO. JT has decided he wants to build LEGO for a job when he’s older. If anyone can hook him up, let me know.  LOL!


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