Sunset at Cypress Hills


It was a short little jaunt to the Bald Butte look out at Cypress Hills from our campsite. A friend of mine told me it was her favourite place and after seeing it, I can understand why. The road to the look out is full of hills, turns and cows – a ranch is located at the top of the hill and cows freely roamed the roads.

IMG_9475 (1).JPG

The trail to the look out takes you down a loose rock covered hill and up a path to the summit, if you will. The path upward was where Clive and I realized were not in the best of shape (lol!). At the top you can see for miles. The hills, the valleys, the cows, and yes the beautiful sunset.


At the peak, the view goes on for miles. It truly is worth the short drive and hike. The sunset was so pretty, we made the trek twice.


If venturing to Bald Butte, be sure to bring a blanket (and a beverage) to sit and relax and enjoy the view and breathtaking sunset.


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