Whispering Pines Trail


The beauty and peacefulness of ‘Whispering Pines Trail’ had us from the beginning. With the gentle breeze, the trees really sounded like someone whispering. We biked our way toward the ‘Look Out Point’ naïve to think we would find the typical tourist look out, but that look out never appeared. I still don’t even know which part of the trail was the look out!


The terrain of the path quickly changed and narrowed forcing us to walk our bikes. In the beginning it wasn’t too bad, and neither were the hills, but we soon found the kids struggling to push their bikes up the steep hills. Whoever said Saskatchewan was flat, has never been to Cypress Hills! On a few occasions Clive had to climb the same hill a few times, just to get the kids and their bikes up and over. With cougars on my mind, I started to ring my bike bell and the kids were quick to jump in thinking I was just having fun. Does noise keep cougars away? I didn’t know, but ringing the bell soothed my nerves. Ekkkkk!!!  The sun was beginning to set and the trail seemed to be endless. As a newbie to the area, I wish the trail would’ve included remaining distance markers. I had no idea where we were. At times we were waist high in brush, not sure if we should turn back or press on – we pressed on.

At last the trail circled back to the start and I once again felt at ease. Overall the kids were great. Limited complaining, minimal tears and an experience we would never forget.

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