Sleeping at the Drive-In

I’m 40 years old and have never been to a drive-in movie theatre! There I got off my chest.  LOL!  Although, after I tell you what I did, the fact that I went, might not count.


While camping at #SaskLanding in Saskatchewan, a friend told me about a drive-in movie theatre in the community of Kyle. As luck would have it (for the kids, not the adults) the movie playing was Captain Underpants.


The movie was set to start at dusk and while us and the other 15 cars waited, the kids played on the play structure directly in front of the screen. I’m not sure who was more excited, Cara and JT to sit in the front of the truck, or Clive to get me in the back!  LOL! He’s such a clown at times!


To Clive’s surprise, I brought a pillow to the movie.  Hahaha!  I was tired!  What did he really think was going to happen?  Within minutes, I was stretched out, cozy as I could be in the backseat of the Titan, snoring away (so I’m told!)  Regardless, Clive and the kids enjoyed the movie and now, 3 months early, JT has decided to be Captain Underpants for Halloween – should be interesting as we occasionally have snow by then.


The second picture proves I was there … does it count?

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