Servus Heritage Festival

With Clive at work today, the kids and I ventured into Edmonton to the annual Servus Heritage Festival. This is by far my favourite festival of the year.  What I love most about this festival is seeing first hand how truly diverse our wonderful country is. 70 countries from around the world were setup showcasing their cultural heritage. The food is delicious, although my palette is pretty plain, but watching the traditional dances is phenomenal.


Despite the black clouds looming in the sky, we wondered around Hawrelak Park, people watching, browsing through piles of merchandise, deciding what to eat and watching various shows. Cara and I both love to see the traditional dresses women wear for performing.  I felt so bad for the little girls performing from Hong Kong, as the minute they started their routine, the sky opened up with a massive down pour and half their audience left. They were so cute!

Cara, who is like me when it comes to food (picky!) decided to get a Cheese Empanada from Chile. She figured she couldn’t go wrong with a deep fried pastry filled with cheese. Although, I do remember her asking me what kind of cheese it would be.  JT, who is more adventurous when it comes to food, opted for the white rice from Cuba. LOL! No sauce, no nothing.

Then we came across Italy …. which means pasta, Cara’s favourite food. She’ll always make room for pasta!

The day was a success, minus the rain that cut our visit to the Heritage Festival short, but as always, memories were made and money was spent. Now home for supper!

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