Empty Nest

With Cara being 9 and JT being 7, I thought I had a dozen years before I’d experience an ‘Empty Nest’, but yesterday I got a taste of what it would feel like.  At 8:45 yesterday morning, I dropped both the kids off at Camp Yowochas for a week long adventure.


Cara is all about camp, and has attended many.  She loves being around other kids, the games, and the non-stop fun. As for JT, this is his first experience with camp and I think I’m more nervous than he is. When we first told him he was going to camp, he wasn’t too impressed. He’s been a mama’s boy since birth and as my much as I try not to baby him, I’m sure I do. Like Cara, JT loves being around other kids, and always wants to do activities or play games. I often find myself apologizing to him for having two older parents, both of who work full-time, who sometimes just want to sit and watch tv.

Leaving JT yesterday was tough on me. He didn’t cry, barely kissed me goodbye and simply said, “See you on Friday!” I know he’s going to have fun, but as a mom, I worry. What if he wakes up in the middle of the night with a bloody nose? Which can be a nightly occurrence if he doesn’t drink enough water.

In the last week, he’s excitement for camp would be high one day and low the next. Like his sister, he can turn the tears on and off instantly. My husband and I joke that they are both destined for a career in acting. I tried not to play much into what he said, but rather replied, you’re going to have fun. But the real question was, would I have fun without them?

Yesterday was a whirlwind with the amount of things I got accomplished after dropping the kids off. I wanted to keep myself busy and that I did.  The day went a little like this: Vanilla Bean Frap from Starbucks; a trip to Costco (must stock up on snacks as the kids and I are back to school in 3 short weeks); a McChicken Meal from McDs (luckily no one was around to see me cave to my weakness); back home to make 100 sweet and sour meatballs to freeze, brown and bag 2kg of hamburger; a visit to Reitmans and Rickis for a long overdue shopping extravaganza; a few essentials from Superstore; back home to cut the grass and spray it for weeds, followed by a much needed short nap!

I’m hoping I can get this ‘Empty Nest’ thing under wraps or I may just be broke and exhausted by the time the kids get home Friday night!


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