Walk with Nyx

Greek Mythology states that Nyx was the goddess of the night. Not knowing much about Greek Mythology, I didn’t make the connection when we decided as a family to head out for the evening adventure, A Walk with Nyx, at Cypress Hill Interprovincial Park.  Silly me thought ‘Nyx’ was the person leading the evening hike.

The four of us headed to ‘Bald Butte’ to meet up with our tour guide for the 9:30pm start time.  The sun was setting and the cows were mooing. LOL! Yes, cows, and lots of them! To our surprise the ‘Walk with Nyx’ was throughout a cow’s pasture and forest.  We were instructed to take short steps with a high stride because you can’t see cow pies in the dark. Ekkkkk! These cows huge, and they were everywhere. Their eyes were beady and their stares were intense. Not sure when I turned into such a city girl but I was a little intimidated.

IMG_9474 (1)

The purpose of the walk was two-fold – to learn about and see the beautiful stars and to get over any slight fear of the dark we might have. I personally don’t think I’m afraid of darkness, but rather afraid of the unknown. Just two days earlier when we arrived, we were told to be aware of cougars in the area. Now that’s scary! And now, here we are, Clive, myself and our two young kids, subjecting ourselves to a night walk, where heaven-forbid, cougars could be lurking in the rustling grass. What have we signed ourselves up for?

The walk lasted 2 hours which ended up being a bit too long for all four of us. I have to admit it was eerie walking in the dark. Definitely not my thing. Flashlights and cell phone lights were prohibited, so when the sun finally set, it was pitch black. With all that said, what we learned was pretty cool. At various spots along the route, we would stop and check out the stars that were starting to pop out. By the end of the journey, the sky was magnificent. The clear night was perfect for star gazing.

My interest in astronomy has never gone past learning about ‘The Bigger Dipper‘ (part of Ursa Major), something I always look for in the night sky. However, I’m proud to mention that after my ‘Walk with Nyx’, I can identify the Summer Triangle (Deneb, Vega and Altair), Polaris, and Cassiopeia.

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