Too Much Booty!!

Today the four of us ventured into Edmonton for the annual Cariwest parade. Cariwest is a 3-day festival that celebrates Caribbean-Canadians. It is said that over the course of the 3-day festival, 80,000+ attend. What I love most about this festival is the brilliant colored costumes, the music and the overall energy. 

Like me, Cara loves this parade! If it wasn’t for the heat, she would’ve been dancing on the sideline. JT, on the other hand, would rather not go because in his mind, real parades have candy, and this parade doesn’t. Talk about priorities! Lol! 

​Not surprising to us, the parade was on Caribbean time … laid back, gaps in the floats and slow moving. Regardless, it was great!

The traditional outfits worn by the parade participants were bright, colorful and beautiful! The little amount of material used to create these outfits, left little to the imagination. We definitely saw more ‘booty’ today than necessary! 

What sets this parade out from others is that everyone dances as they walk, and I love that! The music and energy brings back memories of trips to the Caribbean we’ve taken over the years. Oh, I’d love to go back! Most countries represented in the parade were led by a tractor-trailer with a flat bed. What’s interesting is that the flat-bed isn’t for the participants, but rather used to hold 10+ massive speakers and a generator. Crazy! 

After the parade, we ventured to the Alberta Legislature to cool off in the wading pools and then to the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen for a early supper. 

Definitely a great day! 

One comment

  1. Looks like a great day was had by all….seems like Toronto had a parade like that a week ago or so….beautiful costumes!


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