Are We There Yet? 

For those of you who have read my blog before, you already know I’m not a fan of road trips. For those of you that haven’t, now you know. Clive talks about us ‘one day’ driving to his hometown in Nova Scotia from Alberta, or driving Route 66 in the United States, and just the thought makes me nauseous. Why drive when you can fly? I remind him often that we already have our picture at the end of Route 66 (Santa Monica Pier) and at the Harbourfront in Halifax, so we could always pretend we drove there. Granted, the sights along either route would be beautiful, but I’m just a tad impatient and a whole lot stubborn. 

But, there we were, ready to set off on a 17 hour, 1600 km road trip with my parents and children. Heck, it’s only four provinces, right? Clive didn’t make the trip to Rainy River with us this year because of work. So, picture it, the 5 of us, limited leg room in my parents mid-size SUV packed to the brim and me anticipating a whole lot of country music on the radio, it’s going to be a long day. I had a pep talk with the kids the night before we left. “Remember, we all need to have extra patience tomorrow. Try not to touch each other, and if you do, it’s by accident. No screaming, no hitting, no complaining, and don’t ask every 2 minutes, how much farther. It’s going to be a long two days.” God help me! With 3 drivers, we could definitely drive straight through, but spending one night along route breaks up the journey for the kids (and me!)

I vaguely remember how this family road trip idea originated. Mom would say it was my idea, but I think it was her’s. It was definitely not my dad’s idea. Lol!!! Not sure why I would suggest a road trip, but maybe I was caught in a weak moment. 

We’re now about 5 hours into our road trip and I must admit, things are pretty good so far. The country music has been limited, I’ve had 3 coffees and we’ve talked about everything from Chinese food to oil changes. Mom has been gracious enough to sit in the back with the kids for the first leg of the journey although my turn is next and I’m not looking forward to it. Lol! I like the extra space in the front and having control of the A/C and radio. 
About an hour into our journey this morning, I turned toward my dad, who was driving, and I politely ask him to open the window when he burps. I didn’t want to insult him, but the smell was bad and it came at me like a train at full speed. My husband needs constant reminders about this (sorry, Clive), but I thought my mom had my dad trained! Lol! Anyhow, my dad looks at me puzzled and my mom starts to laugh. I whip my head around and ask her, “Was that you?” Turns out for it was no one, but rather meatloaf sandwiches she was passing out. The sandwiches were good, although the kids would never admit it, but the initial smell in the closed car was enough to warrant a window being open. 

We stopped at McDonalds in Brandon, MB, although after recently watching the McDonald’s documentary on Netflix I’d like to boycott the entire franchise. However, that’s another story! We decided to sit in the outside seating area with the hope of getting fresh air after being cooped up in the vehicle for 5 hours. Sadly, our lunch was cut short due to half a dozen wasps clearly marking their territory at the table we selected. I’m not scared or nervous around wasps, but with mom being deathly allergic, we take them pretty seriously. My motto is, leave them alone, and they’ll leave you alone! At least that’s my motto until I have an allergic reaction.

Just over three hours to go until Regina and I’m as comfy as I can possibly be in the back seat. I’m hoping we stop soon because I’m stuck behind the driver which means I can’t see the speedometer….lol! Once a backseat driver, always a backseat driver! Cara is busy reading a book we grabbed from a garage sale yesterday in Rainy River, and JT is playing LEGO. These two are so predictable. The only argument they’ve had so far was over a French fry. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Are we there yet?

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