Garth Brooks – Only 8 More Sleeps

Only four more sleeps until school officially starts and eight sleeps until we get to see Garth Brooks on stage at the Saddledome in Calgary.  I can’t wait!!! For whatever reason, we didn’t get tickets to see Garth when he played 9 shows here in Edmonton, so when we heard he was playing in Calgary at the beginning of September, we knew we had to go.

Clive and I saw Garth Brooks in Las Vegas back in 2011. He is one person I always wanted to see in concert. I think we paid $250 US a ticket … Ekkkkkkkkk! Expensive, but well worth it! Garth performed at the Wynn which is located at the end of the Las Vegas Strip. Garth and his guitar. No back up singers. No flashing lights. Just a man sharing his story, the songs that inspired him growing up. It truly was an experience I’ll never forget. My husband, who was not a big Garth fan at the time, admitted it was one of the best concerts he had ever seen. Rock concerts were more Clive’s style growing up, but when Garth started playing songs that inspired him as an artist, not just his country songs, he earned himself a new fan.

I’m hoping after next weekend’s concert, that Garth Brooks hooks two more fans, Cara and JT. In my mind, Garth Brooks is a legend, and I’m excited to expose our kids to his talent. And, at $70/ticket it’s cheaper than getting a babysitter for the weekend! Cara’s got her cowgirl boots ready to wear (Thanks Nanny Rose) and JT has his ear plugs…this should be interesting night!!! Stay tuned!

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