Last Camping Adventure of the Summer

With only a week left of my summer holidays, the kids and I ventured to Wabamun Provincial Park with my parents for six nights of camping. Once again, Clive had to work, but luckily he was able to drive the camper out and set it up for us. I like driving our new truck, but the idea of towing a 31′ trailer and having to back it into a campsite is not much idea of fun. Mom and dad haven’t camped for years, and how she convinced my dad to go, is beyond me.

The weather we had while camping ranged from torrential downpour to unbearably hot. One minute you needed the air conditioner, the next minute the heater. Temperatures at night in the camper dropped to 54°F, way too cold for me. We kept the fire going strong every morning and from supper onward. Nothing beats camping and sitting around the fire with a few beverages.
Luckily I was back at work, setting up my classroom, on the evening of the big storm. It sounded like quite the show! This year I’ll be teaching grade 6, and can’t wait! I love this age!


When the weather cooperated, the kids played at the park near our site, rode their bikes around the loop, and played games like Jenga, Yahtzee and Uno. I think Cara and JT have inherited my love for making forts because those two hunted down quite a few dead branches, dragged them back to our campsite and built a pretty unique shelter.
At Wabamun Provincial Park, sites 94-103 offer a great view of the play park, are in close vicinity of the flush toilets and showers, and seem to have more privacy than other sites in this loop. The beach is about a 15 minute walk if you’re able to find the right trail.
When we’re camping, Cara and JT like to go on a treasure hunts, mostly when campers just pack up and leave their sites. They usually come back with a couple logs to burn, and a campsite permit. I think their collection of permits is up to 20. It must be a kid thing because I remember doing the exact same thing when I was their age.
We walked down to the main beach a few times and every time the beach was completely packed. It frustrates me a little bit that Alberta Provincial Parks don’t charge for day usage fee, when we pay X-amount of dollars each night and then can barely find a spot on the beach to sit. With the beach over capacity, the bathrooms are filthy, and often without stock by midday. If you want a barbecue area at the beach, you need to go way too early to beat the day users. It’s crazy! I honestly think we need to start going somewhere else. Convenience is the one thing Wabamun has!


Many moons ago when Clive and I were dating, we were camping in the Shuswaps with family and my cousin’s son introduced us to a campfire treat.  I’m not sure what the treat is called, but it was delicious. We took a larger roasting stick/branch, wrapped a crescent roll around it and slow roasted in over the campfire. The roasting took quite some time and patience was definitely needed. When it was finished, you slid the crescent roll of the stick and filled it with sweet toppings – chocolate syrup, whipped cream, jam. Clive and I have always talked about making these treats, but never did, until this camping treat. Too bad Clive missed it. #DarnWork
Camping with mom and dad was a nice treat and great help. They cooked and they cleaned, and they were great company. Thanks for the fun memories!!!

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