Cara and JT’s VLOG – Reflecting on Summer

Since I told Cara I was writing a blog, she’s been asking when she could write something. She even asked if she could start her own blog.  When I responded, “Only of school related things!” I don’t think she was overly impressed. I think she secretly wants to be a tv star, maybe it’s not a secret, because I have to remind her often that she’s not on tv and to turn the ‘drama’ and ‘attitude’ down.  Anyhow, for whatever reason, she thinks blogging is pretty neat so I decided to let her and JT be part of it – VLOG style.  Under my control, of course.

This video is a true testament of their personalities…. Cara, calm, ever so serious with a touch of spice, and JT, the silly boy who loves attention and making people laugh.

PS – We didn’t get swimmer’s itch!  LOL!



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