Front Steps Are Overrated!

I am not going to lie, not having a front step for the last three months, has had its perks. No solicitors.., and we’re in the midst of a municipal election! No late night knocks, no interruptions during supper. Score!

We’ve known since we bought this house two years ago, that we would have to invest in a new driveway at some point. Wear and tear was easily visible – sloping towards the house, shifting of piles underneath the ground creating large cracks and cement pulling away from our garage foundation. In denial, and not wanting to forgo the money, I kept reassuring Clive that it was fine, however he disagreed. And so, our adventure of no front step and no driveway began. Summer of 2017!

Clive decided to remove the front stairs three days before our driveway was to be ripped out. Seemed realistic. Completing tasks at home around Clive’s work schedule presents challenges, so we often do things when we can. However, Monday came and went. Tuesday came and went. And still no one showed up to rip out the driveway. A couple texts and phone calls to the guy we hired, left us frustrated and annoyed. He said he was coming, but never did. Clive eventually told the guy to forget it, which in retrospect we both wish we would’ve done earlier.

The new ‘old’ guy was hired and we assumed it would be smooth sailing. Wrong. We had to wait some more. Wrong information was given to us from the first guy and as luck would have it, we needed city approval to widen our driveway and therefore a permit needed to be in place. Did you know permits take 3 weeks? We waited …. step less!

We received the approval for the driveway a couple weeks later. By this point, we finally were in routine for using the back door. Using the back door really isn’t a huge deal, just an inconvenience especially when hauling groceries. By now it’s the beginning of July and we’re scheduled to head out on a two-week camping trip on the 20th. Wanting to be home when the driveway was ripped out and poured, for obvious reasons, we arranged for everything to start on August 2, our first day back.

Yes, our driveway was ripped out on August 2nd, but because of the near torrential down pour a couple days later, pouring of the cement didn’t happen for a week. The amount of rain we had this summer was disappointing, way too much for my liking. Never mind the nightly tornado warnings. Crazy!

August 9th our new driveway was poured, and it was stamped and sealed on the 10th, and man does it look nice. It’s funny to see the people turning into our cul-de-sac just to see. Clearly the age of our neighborhood is hitting home for its residents with others needing a new driveway too, not to forget we’re a corner lot and our ripped up yard was probably the talk of the neighborhood.

Driveway done, but still no front step. Lol! The kids and I jetted off to my hometown of Rainy River, Ontario on the 13th, and Clive stayed back to work. We returned with my folks 10 days later, then headed out to Wabamun camping … Clive still at work. Still no front step.

Me back to work at school and Clive’s shift rotation covering weekends, plus a trip to Calgary to see Garth, left us with no time to build the step.

Until, last weekend, we built the front steps (cue trumpets!)

Clive and I have come along way in the last 11 years when building things. When I think of the things we’ve built, the arguments we’ve had while building those things, it puts a smirk on my face. Over the last 11 years, we have built: two sheds, one small deck, one massive deck 8 feet off the ground, numerous shelves for storage, a swing set, a fence and now front steps. Our conversations while building the steps were entertaining to say the least, suggestions were well received by both of us, making the three hours flyby. Even at our ‘old’ age, we’ve both matured. Lol!

Yes to the step, no to the railing, that’s not quite done. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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