3 F’s at the Corn Maze

The temperature dropped to minus one and the snow started to fall… sounded like a good night to venture to the local Corn Maze. 

A corn maze isn’t really my thing, but as a parent many of the things we have to do, are not our thing. Cara‘s Girl Guide troop was meeting at the local corn maze, so it only made sense for JT and I to hang out there for the length of her adventure. Luckily, my cousin lives fairly close to the corn maze and she and her two wonderful kids decided to join us. 

What I don’t like about a corn maze, is losing what I feel is control. My sense of direction, with 8 foot corn stocks around me, almost makes me claustrophobic. I remember saying to my cousin’s daughter a few times.. we just need to go right there why do they have us going the long way around? 

From start to finish we did the maze in one hour eight minutes. 3/4 of that time was when we let the kids lead, however the back half was done very efficiently thanks to my cousin Sherri who read the map.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the set up of the corn maze. It had everything from a potato launcher, big bouncy pillows, pedal go kart, to a variety of fun adult size board games all around a farm focus, plus the maze itself.

It was a fun, but freezing night with family!

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