Another Present for the Mrs!

Memories. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s funny what we remember from our youth. We definitely don’t remember the effort our parents put into daily meals or day to day tasks, but as a parent myself, I know my parents must’ve, because that’s just what parents do. 

I got a text from Clive last Friday saying, ‘Pizza or Nacho Platter’. Knowing he was referencing what I wanted for supper, I responded with ‘Nacho’. Our Friday nights are pretty laid back and consist of something not-so healthy for supper. A fun Friday night meal makes supper time a breeze.

After school I found myself sitting at the kitchen table doing some necessary marking when Clive comes into the room and tells me to close my eyes. I shake my head, but oblige knowing the sooner I do it, the sooner his trick/joke will be over and I can get back to work. Within seconds I hear the oven door open and close. I open my eyes and ask him what’s going on as I thought we were having nachos for supper. He told me to relax and to finish my marking. Lol… so nice! 

Less than a half an hour later I find myself sitting upstairs with JT, waiting for Clive to bring me my supper. That sentence makes me sound like a princess, waiting for Clive to bring me my supper, but he insisted that I go upstairs, so I did. What is this guy up to today?

Turns out after 13 years, and many conversations and stories, Clive was actually listening-listening to at least one of them. Years ago, I told Clive about how one of my favorite meals growing up, a meal we never got very often, was the old fashion TV dinner. At the young age of 8 or 9, I considered this a treat. A treat my brother and I had when my parents we’re heading out, and a babysitter was coming over. As luck would have it, Clive was at Superstore that day and came across a freezer full of Hungry-Man meals and he thought he’d surprise me. Great gesture? Yes. Great meal? Definitely not what I remember. Except for the instant potatoes, those are delicious!

Hungry-Man definitely isn’t for the hungry, as it just barely wets your appetite. 

Thanks for the surprise, Clive! Your surprises are getting better … lol.

Looking forward to seeing what your next surprise will be. #NoPressure

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