The Hats We Wear

As a parent, we wear many hats. Mother, teacher, maid, therapist, chauffeur, and banker, to name a few.

After 2 cups of coffee this past Sunday morning, I ended up putting on my Cinderella hat, and tackling something I never thought I’d have to do.

We bought our house just over 2 years ago and at the time, I believe it was about 8 years old. Like many houses, things begin to age, or wear and tear after the first 10 years. I like to think we keep a clean house, at least clean to the naked eye. I call it a spot clean. Clive is a better, and more thorough, cleaner than me, at least that’s the line I use to get out of it. With that said, you never know when someone’s going to show up and run their finger along the top of the banister, or picture frame, which brings me to today. Have our guests looked closely at our floor?I was sweeping the floor in the kitchen only to notice the grout surrounding the tile seemed to be one color in one spot, and a different color in a different spot. What in the world? How have I never noticed this before? The areas that are higher traffic, were dark gray if not brown. The lower traffic areas were cream. Confused, I grab a magic eraser and begin to scrub. 10 years of washing the tile, and just everyday life, has definitely changed the color of the grout. Ekkkk! How embarrassing! Sadly, the magic eraser didn’t stand a chance so I went upstairs and put on my go to cleaning clothes. I think my go to sweats are as old as Cara. I grabbed a couple old toothbrushes, a bottle of spray Clorox bleach and hit the floor on my hands and knees. 

As tedious as the job was, it really wasn’t that hard. Spray the Clorox, let it sit, then take the toothbrush to it and scrub. Definitely time confusing as after three hours of work, I only completed a third of the tiled floor. Ekkkk! 

Shaking my head and muttering under my breath, I wonder why would anyone use such a light colour grout? Pretty, yes, but too high maintenance for this mom, especially now that I’ve noticed. Thoughts of regrouting the grout or painting the grout a darker colour enter my head. Are either even possible? 

I’m not sure what is worse, the high-gloss dark walnut hardwood we had in our last house, or light colored grout. Our first house had linoleum, maybe with a young family, that makes the most sense. 

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