Last Aeroplan Adventure 

After many back and forth conversations, we finally did it. We finally said goodbye to TD’s Aeroplan VISA, and hello to RBC’s Westjet MasterCard. 

We’ve been Aeroplan pushers for years, and even after being bumped from CIBC Aeroplan to TD Aeroplan, we were always happy customers. As a family, we’ve traveled to New Brunswick, Cancun, Las Vegas, and many back and forth flights from Winnipeg to Edmonton, all using our Aeroplan points. The part that is hard to swallow is paying double the miles because of the limited times of year people in the education system can travel. We could’ve visited so much more of our country, or even the world.

Clive and I were up at 3 am this morning and we’re at the Edmonton airport by 4 am. We made it to Vancouver in good time, but the next leg of our adventure is delayed. Never fails! This will be our final adventure under the Aeroplan umbrella … if you don’t know where we’re off to, stay tuned!!!

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