Day 3 San Francisco

We hopped on Big Bus Tours and ventured through the streets of San Francisco seeing all avenues of life. The architecture was amazing. The attention to detail shined even in the less fortunate areas. With that said, I didn’t realize how dirty the city was until today. Garbage everywhere and filthy washrooms, even at Starbucks. Gross! In true double decker fashion, we sat on the top deck despite the cool temperature San Francisco was offering.  A blanket, toque and scarf would’ve made the experience more enjoyable. Who would’ve known!

The first place we ‘hopped’ off at had us climb one of San Fran’s many hills. We arrived at Alamo Square only to hear music fill the air. The song was no other than the intro to Full House. I turned and looked and it was a father and his daughter watching the start of an episode to see which house indeed belonged to the Tanner’s. Clive and I must’ve looked confused because two ladies came over and told us the Full House house wasn’t here, but rather on Broderick Street, and it no longer resembles the show we all remember as a kid, so not to waste our time going. I guess the camera bag and backpack were a dead give away for being tourists.  Despite the disappointing news, we had a picnic (kinda), just like the Tanners (although we may or may not have brought adult beverages) and then Facetimed the kids as Cara is a huge Full House fan.

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It’s sad to admit, but with the location of the sun, we didn’t get any good pictures of us at this second most iconic picture location in the United States.

From here we ventured back on the bus and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Fort Baker Lookout. Fort Baker is a former military post and enroute to the fishing village, Sausalito. This place was packed. We managed to get a few good pictures but it took some maneuvering to squeeze in. We sat on the top deck on the way back over the bridge and nearly froze our butts off. Beautiful blue skies mean nothing in San Francisco!

Stop 16 on the Big Bus tour bus was at the bottom of the back side of Lombard Street. The massive hill was manageable in the beginning, but we both were huffing and puffing when we reach the top. I can only imagine what we looked like climbing the street because the sight of others was amusing to us. We stopped a couple times, mostly to pick up our jaws when we realized we weren’t really at the top. This street is crazy steep. Parking along the back side of Lombard is at a 90 degree angle only.  One van caught my eye because it looked funny tilting to the bottom of the hill. I can’t imagine parking here, never mind driving up the hill.

When we arrived at the top of the hill, we were excited to finally reach our destination. If you’re not familiar with Lombard Street, it is known as the most crooked street in the world because of its 8 sharp turns. This part of the street was too steep for cars and property owners wanted a solution. Engineer Clyde Healy came up with the street design. Rumor has it that 350 cars visit the ZigZag portion of Lombard every hour in the summer.

Earlier in the day, we spotted a restaurant called, “The Stinking Rose“, and we knew instantly that we wanted to check it out.  For those of you that don’t know me, I love garlic. I love roasting garlic to spread on bread or crackers and topping with a little cheese. Absolute heaven! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Missing the final bus, we decided to walk the 2km to the restaurant and it was well worth the walk.  Garlic was everywhere and in everything, including garlic wine and garlic ice-cream. This restaurant was definitely a highlight for me. The atmosphere, the food and the service was great!

Thanks to Google, we found our way to the closest Trolley stop, and from there we caught the famous San Francisco trolley back to the Wharf area. The trolley ride was a lot of fun, even though we sat in the back – nothing on the outside was available.

A few interesting tidbits we learned today:

  • People pay $30/hour per dog for dog walking
  • In the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, apartment floors have one communal bathroom and one communal kitchen and residents pay between $700-$1300 a month. The movie, Pursuit of Happiness was filmed in this area.
  • The colour of the Golden Gate Bridge is called International Orange as the colour enhanced the bridges visibility in the fog.
  • Bathrooms are crazy dirty in San Francisco. It doesn’t matter where you go!!!


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