Muir Woods National Monument

Clearly, I’ve fallen behind on updating my blog, especially since what I’m writing about happened over two months ago.  One minute I feel like time flies, then the other it feels like quite the opposite.


On our last day in San Francisco, we took a tour bus to Muir Woods National Monument. For those of you not familiar with Muir Woods National Monument, it is where the giant redwood trees grow. For me, the drive to Muir Woods was less than desirable. Sharp turns on the edge of hills aren’t my thing. Talk about nauseating!  However, the drive was well worth the wait. I only wish we had more time. Visualize an enchanted forest deep in a valley. I was almost expecting to see a hobbit jump out, where Clive reminisced on some Star Wars’ scene. Regardless, it was a sight to be seen.

Holy huge. The redwoods were massive. The tallest trees in the forest tower over 250’ tall and quite a few of me wide. Like the sequoia tree, redwoods keep their green needle leaves all year round and live very long lives. On average, the trees at Muir Woods were 600 to 800 years young, but can live for up to 2200 years.

Our time at the National Monument was brief, but even with the short time, my hair managed to frizz up. Gotta love the damp air.
Until next time, California, it’s been a blast!

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