Our Young Sheldon

***JT’s ‘Sheldon’ pose.

The other day JT asked me if he could have the electric pencil sharpener. When I responded with, “For what?” He looked at me somewhat shocked, making me feel a bit silly for not knowing what he was talking about. “To make something. I need the motor.” JT has always been a creative and innovative boy, but since the premiere of tv show Young Sheldon, he has stepped up his game. He’s quick to snag empty boxes, straws, plastic, anything to make a mess… I mean to make an invention. We now hide a roll of tape in our bedroom closet because he uses it up so quickly. Needless to say, I was quick to tell him he could have the pencil sharpener for $20, knowing darn well he only has $1.25 to his name. To push the ‘Young Sheldon’ character a little further, a few weeks ago he traded in his school backpack for a chrome book case and thank goodness we weren’t able to find the bow tie he requested. This boy cracks me up!

Which brings me to today. I walked upstairs only to see a small tower of things on the coffee table. Seeing the mess, I wanted to say something but I decided to let it go. As I walked in front of the coffee table JT was quick to ask me two things: for a snack and to get out of the way. Turns out he’s recording a movie off the tv with an old iPhone, hence the tower of stuff. Does my ‘Young Sheldon’ not know about PVR?

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