Spring Break 2018 Road Trip

After the craziness of this past week, we decided to set out on a little Spring Break adventure. I’m still on the mend after an allergic reaction, but the idea of getting out of town has definitely perked me up. My fingers are crossed that my rash and nausea subside soon as we have over a week planned traveling through Alberta and British Columbia.

Gas and Coffee Check-In

Spruce Grove, AB 1.179/litre

Tim’s large coffee $1.98

We traveled west on the Yellowhead Highway toward Jasper. Barely 1 hour in and someone needs a pee break. Seriously? At this rate, we’ll never get there. Reminds me of the time Clive and ventured to my hometown in Ontario, and Clive insisted on a sit down meal in Edmonton on our way out of town. Seriously? Sitting in a car is definitely not my thing, but at the same time I’d just rather get there. No more stops!

Gas and Coffee Check-In

Edson, AB 120.9/litre

Hinton, AB 115.9/litre

Tim’s large coffee $1.89

Too funny! We said no iPad until 10am, and with twenty minutes to go, we left the mountain time zone and entered the pacific time zone … sorry kids, make that an hour and twenty minutes until iPad time. JT was not happy. He can sure cry on cue! We always joke about getting him into acting classes, perhaps we should!

Gas and Coffee Check-In

Valemount, BC 129.9/litre

Tim’s large coffee $2.09

Clearwater, BC 139.9/litre

Kamloops, BC 131.9/litre

Speed limit 120km/h.., wasn’t expecting that!

Night two had us staying at a hidden gem in Merritt, BC. Okay, maybe hidden isn’t true, but a gem, definitely! The brand new Best Western Plus was perfect. The atmosphere had Cara in awe. Sparkly clean tile floors, new furniture, classic elevator music in the halls and a massive breakfast room. When I was checking us in Cara was quick to investigate only to return excited about the waffle maker.

Our room on the second floor faced north, had a small kitchenette and a huge balcony. Too bad it’s too cold to sit outside for a beverage.

The three kids (Cara, JT and Clive) enjoyed a dip in the pool and played a game of monkey in the middle – for a split second I was scared how the game would end. Surprisingly, no tears were had. With my ‘skin’ still healing from last weekend’s fiasco, I’ve opted out of the pool and opted in to some Sangria! Delicious… minus the paper cup.

JT insisted on a second swim after supper so Cara and I played a game of Skip-Bo by the pool and Clive read. This place is definitely quiet on a Sunday night. JT loved having the pool to himself.

Gas and Coffee Check-In

Merritt, BC 128.9/litre

Tim’s large coffee $2.09

The Best Western Plus in Merritt had one of the best complimentary breakfast selections I think I’ve ever encountered. The kids were not disappointed. Whip cream for the waffles and toppings for the oatmeal, what more could they ask for? It was cute when Cara announced, “Dad, they have real knives”.

The drive along Highway 5 South, the Coquihalla, was definitely interesting and a tad nerve racking. We went from no snow, to a blizzard, to a down pour of rain. I can be a bit of a nervous nelly in certain driving conditions. Clive is familiar with my crazy hand gestures, most of which are directed at him. If there was an award for backseat driving, I’d win it. I like to think my two cents is always helpful. Lol!

Gas and Coffee Check-In

Hope BC 144.9/litre

Bridal Falls 144.9/litre

Abbotsford, BC 141.9/litre

Delta, BC 153.9/litre

Arrived at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal an hour and a half before our desired ferry time only to realize the 1pm ferry was full. Spent some time in the Tsawwassen Market then watched Air Bud and had some snacks in the truck. Fingers are crossed they can squeeze us on the next boat. The weather is a typical spring day. Rain, rain and more rain. On the positive it isn’t snow, and I’ll take that any day. The wind definitely has a bite to it. I’m glad we packed our toques just incase.

Sidney, BC 149.9/litre

We arrived at our hotel, Coast Harbour just before 5. Our room is quaint with a partial view of the harbour. The kids got a kick out of the toilet in our room. So many options. Heat, front spray, back spray, you name it, it had it. Too funny.

We walked the harbourfront enroute to the Keg, checking out a few sights along the way. The meal was delicious. Cara surprised us by stepping out of her shell and trying a few new things…, mushrooms, peppercorn sauce, cooked red peppers, shrimp. We were confused what was happening…lol. She said she was probably being more adventurous because she’s turning 10 next week. Seems about right! Lol!

A quick dip in the pool after supper was very refreshing. The pool at the Coast hotel is very neat. Half inside, half outside. The kids loved it, as did I!

Off to bed … just need to plan tomorrow’s adventure first!

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