Craigdarroch Castle

While in Victoria, we told the kids that they each got to pick an attraction to check out. Clive was thrilled when Cara picked Craigdarroch Castle. He was even more thrilled when I told him we paid $84 to get in. Lol! It was only $36 but I like to get his blood boiling once or twice a day. With admission, the kids were given an I Spy activity to do while in the Castle. While the activity held Cara’s attention, we left JT on the second floor watching a documentary of the building.

Canada’s Castle – Craigdarroch Castle overlooks the city of Victoria. The National Historic Site dates back to 1890 during the reign of Queen Victoria and was built fir Robert and Joan Dunsmuir, a coal baron and his family. It was designed by Oregon architects Warren Williams and Arthur Smith. Sadly, Mr. Dunsmir died a year before its completion. The Dunsmir story showcases the rise from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of wealth and power in western Canada.

A year after Mrs. Dunsmir’s death in 1908, the house was sold and its contents were auctioned. The Craigdarroch has since been home to many things including a hospital, college, school board, conservatory of music, and historical museum society. A few movies have even been filmed here including ‘Little Women’, and blockbuster thriller, ‘The Boy’.

The details on inside of the building brought back a couple memories … the interior wood reminded me of my mom’s friend Donna’s house growing up and the remnants of the original master bedroom had me think back to Gramma and Grampa’s farmhouse north of Stratton. Great memories!

A great time at Craigdarroch Castle!

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