View from the Top

Our adventures today led us to French Beach Provincial Park along Highway 14, northwest of Victoria, and to the top of Mount Douglas here in Victoria.

French Beach was nice but extremely windy and wet due to the weather Mother Nature dished up for us today. The kids picked a few shells and stones, but everything else was drenched. I loved seeing the greenery… so plush and alive. I can really see myself ditching the Alberta winters in 16 years (I get to retire in 2032). Clive and I joked about encouraging our kids to go to university in BC because then perhaps they would want to stay here and then they would be near us if we moved to Osoyoos upon retirement… yes, I have the next 16 years planned to a tee!

Mount Douglas sits in the area of Saanich and offers beautiful 360-degree views of the island. While the summit doesn’t hold a chance against the mountains back home, the view is spectacular.

Back at the pool now. Whale watching tomorrow!

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