Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tour

We set off yesterday with Eagle Wing Tours, a whale watching company here in Victoria. We knew we wanted to go whale watching, but we were a little slow on buying the tickets. Clive read somewhere that the best time to see whales was in the morning, however by the time we booked our tickets only afternoon spots were available.

Down at Fisherman‘s Wharf, before the boat was set to launch we snacked on ice cream and chatted with people that came off the previous boat about their experience. Unfortunately, on their excursion, whales and orca’s were not to be seen. My fingers were crossed that our experience would be different. The price for the four of us should have been just under $400, however I was lucky to find a coupon online that brought the price down to $280. Score! After the initial speeches and safety protocol, we set off on an adventure to find the whales.

The four of us sat on the back of the catamaran while most others hung out in the heated cabin. Initially the bow of the boat was closed as the water was choppy but the minute we were allowed up there, off we went. The bow was definitely Clive’s favorite spot… whereas JT preferred being in the heated cabin. That boy is hit or miss with the cold.

The first stop had us checking out the sea lions and a couple of bald eagles. As exciting as both these two beautiful creatures are, I was yet to be wowed since bald eagles are a regular occurrence on the lake back home and we saw an abundance of sea lions in San Francisco this past November. I was shocked to realize the males can weigh upwards of 2500lbs.

The next creatures we saw were super cool, they a group of Dall’s Porpoise. These creatures look like Orca’s but they are a great deal smaller. The porpoise resembles a dolphin, however it doesn’t have a pointed beak. The porpoises’ love to travel at the bow of the catamaran which is a real sight to see. They can hold their breath for up to five minutes and on average, the male weighs 450 lbs.

The orcas came out of no where and consumed a good 30 minutes of our time. There are so many rules in regards to how close boats can be, and if the motor needs to be turned off. At one point the two orcas came right along the side of the boat. It was super cool.

On the way back to Victoria, the four of us were back on the bench at the back of the boat. The wind had picked up which meant the waves did too. It made for a bumpy and wet ride.

As for where the boat took us, I have know clue. Lol! I guess I should’ve paid more attention. Maybe next time!

Great day, great company, great crew!

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