A Couple Days in Vancouver

We arrived in Vancouver earlier then expected and lucked out getting our room five hours before check-in. The rain didn’t stop us, it just had us slightly change our plans.

Our hotel was right downtown, just a block from the marina. After quickly settling in, we bundled up and set off for lunch and Stanley Park. The walk was pretty, even with the low clouds. I was in awe at all the boats and imagined how the area would be bustling in a couple months. It’s nice to have the boardwalk pretty much to ourselves, but I think I’d take a crowd if it came with some sun. For some silly reason we only brought one of our umbrellas on our walk. Not our smartest decision but Clive being the manly man that he thinks he is, figured he didn’t need one, and the kids were too lazy to carry theirs so guess who stayed dry 15,000 steps later?

Finding a place to eat that was open was a challenge, but we settled at White Spot near the entrance to Stanley Park. The kids were pumped when their food arrived in a pirate ship with chocolate gold coins. Score! Cara is now a lover of Caesar salad … never saw that one coming.

Our plan was to rent bikes to bike the 22km seawall at Stanley Park, but the rain had us change to plan B, an Easter Egg Hunt and the Vancouver Aquarium. The Easter Egg Hunt at Stanley Park was cute and wet. Cara was quick to spot the craft table and somehow managed to get all of us to color bunny ears. When the Easter Bunny showed up, JT slinked back with a scared look and Cara jumped up to dance and get her picture. It took some coaxing to get him to even take a family picture with the Easter Bunny, but he did!

The winter gardens at Stanley Park are beautiful. Vibrant colours, plush greenery. It’s amusing how their perennial flowers are our annuals. Something I’ve never really thought about before.

For the four of us to visit the Vancouver Aquarium cost $140 and this place was packed. I’m sure they raked in some good cash today with the rain outside. Highlights for us were seeing Nemo, Dory, the 4D Shark movie, the jellyfish, string rays, sea lions and dolphins.

This was my first 4D experience, unless you count Soarin’ at Disneyland. If you’re not familiar, imagine 3D with extra effects… mist, bubbles, pokes in the back (yep, I was the one in the audience to scream when that happened!) I’m not surprised, my nerves are not my strength!

I’m beyond fascinated by jellyfish. I think they’re super cool, mostly because of how they glow and move. There are so many types. Amazing.

Back at the hotel our jaws dropped as we opened the door to the pool on the 5th floor. It was outside! The pictures sure had me fooled when I booked the hotel. Despite the rain, the kids jumped right in and took in the view. While waiting for the three of them afterward, Clive comes out and not so discreetly motions for me. Turns out JT thought he was turning the hot tub jets on and hit the emergency-stop button resulting in a loud alarm. Ekkkkk! Clive phoned the front desk to resolve the issue it but no one answered, so we left. I’m not sure how many times he let it ring … lol!

For supper we headed to Robson Street and ended up at Red Robin. This wasn’t what we had in mind, but it turned out really good. It seemed like we walked forever without finding anything and with two tired kids and the rain pouring down, we took one for the team. The kids menu was a hit! Such a great selection and a great price!

To finish off the day we walked from the restaurant to Canada Place, to see Flyover Canada and Flyover United States. This ride is similar to what you would find on California Adventures Soarin’. We were pretty excited as this was one of our favorite rides on our trip last year. After a not so exciting 6 minute preflight commercial, we were ready for take off. Granted, it was neat, we just left wondering what it was and why we watched it. Lol!

To our disappointment, the Canada show only made a dent in what Canada has to offer. With Clive being an east coaster, he was shocked they didn’t show any of the east coast. No Peggy’s Cove, no Cabot Trail in the fall, no Bay of Fundy, no Parliament building, no Blue Jays. The most east it went was Toronto. Crazy! We were hoping we’d fly the route of a bird, province by province, territory by territory. The clarity of the screen had me questioning if I drank too much at supper. Lol! Nope! It was fuzzy. Afterward, Clive asked the attendant about the east coast and he brushed his question off and walked the other way.

Our fingers were crossed that the FlyOver the United States would be better, but we were sadly disappointed again. Things I thought that would’ve been included that weren’t were the White House, Mount Rushmore, Disney, Empire State Building. We totally get that they can’t do everything, but Clive and left disappointed. The kids however loved it… and that’s what makes swallowing the $145 bill easier. Kinda!

Today we ventured to the Public Market on Granville Island for a little food and shopping. The kids were in awe with the selection of candy. Cara finally got to try French Macaroons. Delicious!!! We started with breakfast at the market itself, explored the shops including the Kid’s Market, then ended up at the Granville Island Brewing for lunch. The menu was small but the food and beverages were fabulous. The kids loved their bottled pop. Opt for the full map if you have a driver!!!

Thanks to Vancouver for a great couple of days. Looking forward to coming to see you again!

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