Only 8 months after signing a year lease on a campsite at a local RV resort, we’re finally here. Settled? Not quite, but we’re here. I’d like to say things have been all rosy and wonderful, but start up was far from it. Lol!

Clive brought the trailer out early Thursday and he and the owner squeezed our 27’ trailer into our tiny site. As tiny as it is, it’s actually more spacious than I anticipated. Last September I remember laying rope out in the dimensions of our travel trailer to help visualize the space, and it was tight. Being here, almost setup, it’s really not much worse than many campsites we’ve stayed at over the years.

Clive came back to get us from school so we arrived for the weekend around supper Thursday and with excitement in the air, Cara wanted to go one way and JT the other. Two rules were established, stay out of the water, and stay together since it’s our first weekend here. Seemed easy enough. Nope. Somethings just aren’t as easy as they seem.

For some reason, our two lovely children, couldn’t see eye to eye. While we understand their different interests, and one being an extrovert and the other an introvert, but they couldn’t do anything except fight… and yell… and cry! My oh my! Clive and I decided early on to let them figure it out, but after a good half hour, they were sent to their bunks until they could figure it out. Cue the loud tears! Their lack of negotiating skills, only led to me threatening to take them home, as well as taking away food and drink for the rest of the night. It really was silly, both of whom now agree, taking turns isn’t really that bad. I did give Cara a tidbit of advice, “Do your idea first because by the time it’s time to switch, JT will usually quit or forget what he agreed too.” Cara found that most helpful!

The rest of the night was smooth sailing. New friends were met, a campfire was had, s’mores were roasted, beverages were drunk and, most importantly, I was finally relaxed (something that doesn’t happen often enough!)

Friday brought bike rides and play time at the park for the kids, while Clive and I drank 2 pots of coffee and finalized things at our site. We definitely will build a deck to minimize the mess that come with gravel, and a storage bin for toys so we don’t look like we’re from the ghetto.

The weather has been remarkably beautiful for this Victoria Day weekend. Typically rain is inevitable at this time of the year, but Mother Nature has surprised us with 20+ weather. The lake is freezing … maybe we’ll brave it next weekend.

The walking route around the park is just under 1.5km, small enough to let the kids roam freely, and makes for an easy stroll for us oldies. I think we’ve done the loop 10 times.

Heading home tomorrow to tackle some much needed yard work, but enjoying some ladder golf and beverages in the meantime.

Cheers to what turned out to be a great first weekend at Hubble’s!!

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