Taste of Edmonton

Taste of Edmonton is an annual event that brings the downtown core of Edmonton alive for 11 days each summer. Food, food and more food. What more can you ask for?

Taste of Edmonton takes place at Capital Plaza on 108 St & 99 Ave, which is a new location from previous years. In my opinion, this location is much more desirable as it didn’t feel as congested.

This was Cara and JT’s first experience with Taste of Edmonton, and after today, I’m going to assume it won’t be the last. They both loved it!

Food ranges from 2-5 taste tickets per item and depending on how much you eat, it could cost you a pretty penny. Can I still use that expression since Canada no longer produces the penny? Lol!

With plans to go out to supper, we budgeted everyone 5 tickets. A treat to tie us over, if you will.

The four of us walked the grounds eyeing up things we liked and following scents to delicious smelling foods.

We started with a shared treat at tent #44 Farrow Sandwiches where for 2 taste tickets we devoured Farrow (Potato) Crisps with Southern Dressing & Cajun Seasoning. The crisps were very light and delicious. The dressing gave the chips a great southern kick and left me craving more.

JT’s eyes were glued to the Penguin King where for 4 taste tickets visitors could try a ‘Helado Suave Sundae’, basically a sundae with small charros. JT loved his treat and didn’t share with anyone. To my disappointment, the charros were teeny-weeny, which meant this mama wasn’t getting any.

Clive was intrigued by the Caribbean food at Irie Foods and picked the Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Rice and Jerk Sauce for 3 taste tickets. Having to share with a hungry JT left very little for Clive, but I was impressed with the portion and OMG, talk about hot!

Cara and I are like two peas in a pod when it comes to our likes and dislikes of food. We both decided to eat at the Melting Pot, her wanting chocolate and me wanting cheese. I love this restaurant so it’s really no surprise that we ended up there. Cara loved her Chocolate Fondue cup with fruit and brownie, whereas I have to admit my Cheese Fondue in a bread bowl left me a tad disappointed. Dry bread and warm cheese, but I devoured it non the less.

With our remaining taste tickets, Clive and Cara teamed up to buy Onion Cakes (not my idea of a good time), and JT and I bought macarons. While I tried to steer JT toward the ginger beef, he was insistent on macarons… not because he liked them but because he wanted to eat one in front of Cara who is a big fan. Such a nice brother! I ended up sharing mine with her to ensure we would have a tear free day. Lol!

Our visit to the Taste of Edmonton ended with a stop at the Taste 4 Kids tent where Spruce Grove’s one and only Jonathan Giovannoni was doing free kids cooking demos. Jonathan is a former student from the school I work at, and the winner of Chopped Canada Junior. Since winning his episode, Jonathan who is only 15, has gone on to compete at the World Food Championships and is now getting ready to film a tv show this fall. How cool is that?

Great day! Great company! Great food!

Final thoughts … Someone has to win! CTV is hosting a selfie contest, so when in Rome. Lol!

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