Back to School Jitters!

Even though I don’t like to admit it, I think I was more nervous going back to school today then my kids were. At least, I’m going to assume that was the case since everyone in the house slept last night, except for me.

For the past two years, I taught many of the same kids. I spent endless time building relationships with my students and getting to know parents. This past June I was truly sad to see them go. As a result of looping with my students for grades 5 and then 6, last year on the eve of the first day of school, I fell asleep no problem. After all, I knew the bulk of my class, what was there to be nervous about?

However, today was much different. I walked into my new classroom knowing a few names, but not knowing much else about the 23, 9 and 10 year olds. The unknown to some is exciting, but to me, in this particular situation, the unknown can present both celebrations and challenges. It was a good, but long day!

I sent my husband a text tonight at 6 as I left work, saying I heated up my lunch three times but didn’t have time to eat, and I don’t think I even went to the bathroom since I left the house at 7am. Lol! That’s the kind of day it was. #Busy #NeverSatDown

I’ve been home all of an hour and a half and as I begin to reflect on my day, many highlights arise even though I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. #1 – I know all 23 students by their first name. #2 – This group of kids appear to offer great insight in discussions (I see a few Socratic Circles in our future). #3 – Most kids in the class exhibited a growth mindset. #4 – I witnessed many caring, helpful moments amongst students as these 9-10 year olds learned to use a combination lock. #Patience

I look forward to tomorrow and I’m confident the new seating plan will be a hit! If not for the students, for me:)

As for the kids in the Nicholls house, one child was nervous and the other was excited! Any guesses which is which?

After a quick chat over a late supper, I’m happy to report that both kids had a good first day. No tears! JT even insisted on taking the bus by himself… no dad dropping him off. Cara had no real reason to be nervous, other than the fact that her mom would be at the same school, teaching the same grade. Scary! She’s grown up knowing her now new school, after all her baby shower was in the Library Learning Commons a mere 10 years ago.

(JT- grade 3; Cara and me- grade 5)

Cheers to a great year for both our children, and to my new class! Oh, and me! Cheers to me for surviving my first day back! #183DaysOfSchoolUntilSummer

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