Our Little Actress

From an early age we became aware of Cara’s desire to perform. Attention seeking behaviour, perhaps, but none the less, always stealing a quick glance toward us when she’s singing, dancing or yelling, just to make sure someone is watching.

Over the years we’ve seen her pretend to be everything from Stephanie Tanner from Full House to Mal from the Descendants. She finds a character she likes, and she brings them to life right in front of our eyes. Amusing, yes; funny, initially; but you can only hear Miss Tanner’s catch phrase, ‘How rude’, so many times!

This past summer Cara decided to take an acting class. We hummed and hawed about this initially but weren’t the least bit surprised. So, off to the Citadel we go every Sunday, where Cara gets to explore a dream, I get to catch up on marking and JT gets to complain. From a few lines in a school play three years ago, to her debut today at Ziedler Hall at Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre. What will be next?

I’m not sure who is more nervous, me or her? Sadly, Clive had to work today… but in retrospect, he gets to see a performance almost daily!

Break a leg, Cara!

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