Spooktacular Night

It’s not surprising to see people drive around at Christmas to enjoy the bright lights and decorations people hang with care, but why not drive around at Halloween. Many people decorate with just as much enthusiasm and with the weather being above zero, it makes for a much more enjoyable night.

Today marked our second time visiting the Spooktacular Acreage just north of Spruce Grove. We found out about this place last year, and it is a definite must see. Everything from zombies, to light-hearted Halloween blowups, cover the grounds bringing people from all over to experience the Halloween spirit. The Spooktacular Acreage is hosted annually by realtors with toy and monetary donations going to the Stony Plain Kinsmen Christmas Hamper Program.

This year we decided to dress up in costumes as we ventured to the acreage. JT wore his ghost face costume, Cara was a last minute diva and I, a bumblebee. JT fit in perfectly with his costume as when pretended to be a statue, he scared the $&#% out of a few people.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Cara being jittery. Heck, I drop my whiteboard marker at school and I jump. Crazy! The scary clown locked in a shed, who sporadically showed his face, led to a sharp piercing scream from Cara – Cara who had just bragged to me that she wouldn’t be spooked this year because she knew what to expect. That girl, definitely all talk.

On the way home we stopped by the Walking Dead display in Stony Plain. This display is always a hit and always keeps us on our toes as we’re unsure who or what will jump out at us. Once again, a sensor was stepped on igniting a mannequin to come flying out, sending Cara running down the sidewalk screaming. Thank goodness for her light-up headband as she was easy to spot trying to break into our truck. Spooked myself, I had to keep my cool Mom face on and act not spooked.

Fun night with the kids and friends! Only 3 more sleeps until the big day, and 4 sleeps until the sugar high arrives in my classroom.

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