All About the Ornaments

My favorite thing about kicking off the Christmas season has to be decorating the Christmas tree.

This year, I treated myself to second tree. I love sitting on the main level, all cozy with the fireplace and my ugly old lounger, yet our tree is always upstairs. I never fully got to enjoy it. Well, not this year!!!

While the thought of packing up two trees and hauling them both to the basement looms over me, I’ll definitely enjoy the beauty of the season, reflecting, rejoicing and remembering. While both trees are equally beautiful, to me they are each beautiful for completely different reasons.

Many moons ago I started to buy Christmas ornaments to mark our many family adventures. Finding ornaments in the off season has presented its challenges, but I usually manage to find something that’ll work. Clive initially wasn’t sure what to think, but in retrospect I like to think he’s appreciative.

Each ornament shares a memory, a milestone, an adventure. Reminiscing while taking turns hanging our favorite ornaments is a tradition I was always cherish.Every year I try to have ornaments made for each of the kids. The ornaments usually capture a photo of something we did as a family that year. My hope is to send these ornaments off with them, to their homes, when they have families of their own. Thinking about it makes me both happy and sad. Happy for them to have great keepsakes, but sad to know they are growing up.

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