Christmas Traditions

What are your Christmas traditions? That was the question I asked kids last night as the four of us drove around checking out Christmas lights.

I have fond memories of the Christmas traditions I experienced as a kid. Making gingerbread houses, having my own real mini Christmas tree in my room, being allowed a sip of wine on Christmas Eve (which could explain my love for wine!), to opening pajamas on Christmas Eve. The traditions my parents made happen, made memories the will last forever.

Back to the question I asked the kids… their initial responses were surface level ‘Ummmm, decorate the tree?’ It took some prodding to get to the heart of the question, but we eventually did.

Our annual Christmas tradition always kicks off with the city’s Christmas party at Central Park. The city always out does themselves with so many family friendly activities that your entire afternoon is filled. A highlight is definitely when Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive and together count the crowd down from 10, resulting in over 150K turning on and fireworks filling the sky.

Another tradition we have is driving around our city and Edmonton taking in all the beautiful lights, while sipping on a hot chocolate. This year we learned about the Singing House in west Edmonton, where if you turn your radio to a certain station, the lights are choreographed to the Christmas tunes. I was impressed! It reminded me of the Christmas Lights War you often see on TLC. Be sure to check it out if you have the chance. Tonight we’re off to our capital’s Legislative Assembly to see the winter wonderland they create. The display of lights is comparable to the ones in our community, but the free hot chocolate and beautiful sounds of local choirs, add to the delight.

Christmas Eve traditions for us are pretty simple. The four of us feast on appetizers and fun snacks while watching a Christmas movie. We try to squeeze as many Christmas movies in during the holiday, with our all time favorites being Elf and A Christmas Story. Last night we watched Christmas Chronicles on Netflix and it actually held my attention… lol! I didn’t fall asleep!

But, who can forget the Christmas pajamas the kids open on Christmas Eve. The kids are already anticipating what they’ll look like while I continue to deny what is truly in the boxes under the tree.

Last but not least would have to be out Scout Elf, Bob! I’m still trying to figure this little guy out. He showed up 7 years ago, and while you’d think he’d sit innocently on our shelf like his name indicates, but nope, our Elf is always up to something. From pouring glitter all over the upstairs carpet, to sending the kids on a treasure hunt for candy canes, the fun and mess never ends!

Cheers to a great Christmas and to making memories!

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