A Quick Trip

The Christmas baking is done and I didn’t have to lift a finger! It’s not that I don’t like baking, but rather the clean up and the ongoing snacking until it’s all gone. Which brings me to my mom, where do I begin?

When my mom decided a couple months ago to come out for a quick visit right before Christmas, I knew I would reap many rewards. The top reward is definitely the time we get to spend together, and everything that happens in the kitchen is an added perk.

Being away from family at this time of year is hard, so being able to spend time with my mom, as short as it was, was the best Christmas present we could’ve ever received!

90 hours of visiting resulted in 140 decorated, sugar cookies, 3 drumstick cakes, 100 crockpot Christmas crack candies, 50 chocolate covered peanut butter balls, 2-dozen butter tarts, 2-dozen lemon tarts, 4-dozen decorated gingerbread men, and of course the kids favorite, 3-dozen monster cookies. Oh, and I can’t forget the early Christmas meal she prepared!

Once again, we’re forever grateful!


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