Beautiful Day

Today was absolutely beautiful! I still prefer summer, but I’ll definitely take +7 Celsius when it’s typically -20 or -30 at this time of year. Last year at this time we were in the midst of a deep freeze with -40 everyday. We were stuck in the house every day. Needless to say, what Mother Nature gave us today was definitely a treat.

With only five more days of Christmas break, we ventured out to make the most of the ‘warm’ weather. The community seemed to have the same idea as Hamburger Hill and the outdoor skating rink at Central Park were swarming with people. Regardless, sliding and skating we went.

Growing up I loved going sliding. Whether it was to a little hill down the street or to the creek on the east edge of town, we’d spend hours tackling the hills and -30 weather didn’t faze us. Today, things are much different for two reasons: winter is no longer my friend, and climbing hills isn’t as fun as it used to be.

With all that said, the kids and I had a blast sliding. The hill was slick and left us drenched after the hour we were there. JT tackled the jump a number of times… I’m sure he bruised his tailbone! Cara and I ride double a few times, and boy does that girl scream!

Surprisingly, the beautiful weather hasn’t melted the skating rink at Central Park. Fingers crossed it stays iced over so the kids are enjoying their new skates.

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