The Creativity Gene

Freckles, dimples, hairline, eye color, all physical characteristics we inherit from our parents. While it’s not a guarantee that we will actually exhibit these characteristics as we develop and grow, there’s definitely a good chance.

To simplify the science behind what makes us each unique, we each inherit 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 in total, 23 from our mother and 23 from our father. If both parents carry the same gene for dimples, they have a 50%-100% chance of passing it onto their children. If only one parent carries the gene for dimples, the odds drop to 50%. Then we have recessive and dominant genes, but that’s getting deeper than I truly understand.

When I look at my own kids, I see little carbon copies of Clive and I. It’s amusing how one person will say, ‘Cara looks like her dad,’ and the next person says, ‘Cara looks like you.’ In retrospect, it’s hard to decipher who really got what gene from whom because Clive and I both have blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, we’re tall.. so clearly our kids look like us.

Behaviors, on the other hand, are learned. Clive gives me heck if I announce (in front of the kids) that I don’t like something because within minutes the kids don’t like it either. Catch phrases are repeated and quirks are innocently repeated. So my question is, where does creativity fall? Is creativity hereditary or learned?

Since our kids entered school, we decided that electronics would be restricted to weekend use only. To each their own, and I don’t judge families that choose to do otherwise. I remember my youth being full of playing, inventing, being inquisitive, using my imagination, something we both agreed we wanted for our kids. Which brings me to JT.

Over Christmas JT had his first virtual reality experience. He loved it! He finally got to ride a big rollercoaster, since Clive and I refuse to take him on a real one. Haha! Clearly his mind has been ticking ever since, as he recently designed his own virtual reality experience. Gotta love this kid’s innovation and creativity!

Here’s JT in his rollercoaster seat, wearing his virtual reality goggles. If you look closely, you’ll notice he’s mounted an old iPhone to the inside of the goggles. To bad he can’t turn the iPhone on until the weekend!

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