Is it Summer Yet??

I think I got my first sunburn of the season today. Sad part is, I put sunblock on and I still got burnt. Clearly I’m not quite in summer mode, since reapplying never even crossed my mind.

We’re setup for our second year at Hubble’s Lake Resort and RV Park. Since last year, we’ve relocated to a site directly on the lake and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be happier if our neighbors weren’t 20 feet away, but that’s RV living.

What I love the most about being at the lake is being removed from the busyness of my house. Laundry, cleaning, extra-curricular activities, school work, you name it. The minute I arrive, my stress is subsided and I can finally relax.

I’m excited to get my tan on, to relax and enjoy the summer. Only 19 days of school to go! #Summer2019

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