When Will Summer Arrive?

For those of you who know me know I am not a winter girl. Yet, I live somewhere where cold weather happens 8 months a year. One might say I hibernate when the temperature falls below 5°C never mind when it drops to -40°C.

I love summer. I love the heat, the bbqs, and the beverages on a hot summer day. I like cutting the grass and tending to my gardens. My pasty white skin gets some much needed colour and I feel alive… so to speak. I find myself outside more, wanting to do more, loving how green everything is and appreciating how fortunate I am to have my summers off. However, it seems as though Mother Nature missed the memo about summer this year.

Today is July 6th and for the past month it’s felt more like spring and fall with the constant rain and cool temperatures. Heck, the big beautiful tree that protects our campsite is already losing its leaves. The beach is empty and the lake is deserted. One week into summer holidays and with a gloomy 14 day forecast, the kids and I are in agreement that we may need a redo on summer!

When will summer arrive?

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