Abraham Lake – Sunny and 19 Degrees Celsius

The David Thompson Highway passes by the picturesque Abraham Lake, an artificial lake created back in the 70s by the former Calgary Power Company. Today it is known as Alberta’s largest reservoir.

Picture turquoise blue waters reflecting the magnificent Rocky Mountains. The beauty leaves you speechless… unless you’re JT. The minute JT saw this lake, he became a boy on a mission. He was determined to go for a swim and his excitement was contagious. Finding a beach didn’t seem like it was going to happen, and roads leading off the highway were far and few.

Eventually we found ourselves driving down a less than desirable road wishing we had brought the truck… pothole bump pothole bump. The things we do for our kids!

With the SUV in park, JT bolted out of the back seat and headed toward the lake. Kicking off his shoes and shirt, he was in the water in an instant. He was quick to report that the water was cold, but refreshing. While JT’s version of a swim resembles more of a quick dip, I have no right to judge him because I wasn’t brave enough to test the water.

Sunny and 19 degrees Celsius… warm but not hot. Heading south!