Crescent Falls – Mostly Sunny and 18 Degrees Celsius

22km west of Nordegg, AB is a site you definitely don’t want to miss, Crescent Falls & Bighorn Canyon. There’s only one word to describe it, breathtaking.

We were in awe when we first ventured to the lookout towering over the falls. The deep canyon looking refreshed as the Bighorn River crashed down the two-tiered waterfall.

After a quick conversation with another onlooker we learned how to get down to the base of the larger waterfall. I had never been that close to a waterfall before.

The trail down was steep and one wrong step would send rocks plummeting. Thanks to Cara, I was able to test my reflexes jumping out of the way when she unknowingly stepped on one that gave way. A portion of the trail down had a rope tied to uprooted tree roots to ease the tricky footing. Who put the rope there, who knows, but it was definitely helpful going both ways.

The mist was refreshing as we approached the base of the waterfall. We explored, skipped rocks all awhile trying to take in every last piece of what we saw.

While the sun was out, the scenery was beautiful and the water quenched the kids thirst, but 18 degrees doesn’t cut it. Looks like we need to head further south!

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