Going to the Sun Road – 15 Degrees Celsius

Last week when I came up with the idea to go on a road trip to find the sun, coincidentally I was chatting with a lady at the lake when she mentioned something about ‘Going to the Sun Road’ in Glacier National Park in Montana. I had never heard about it and was eager to learn more. Her interpretation of the ‘Road’ sold me instantly and knew it was something we needed to check out.

After hitting up Google for more information, as well as directions, we decided to add ‘Going to the Sun Road’ to our ‘Finding the Sun’ adventure. If we were going to find the sun, it sounded like the place to go.

‘Going to the Sun Road’ is a jaw-dropping 51 mile drive through the mountains from St. Mary, Montana to West Glacier, Montana. The entrance to the park sits 30 minutes south of the Canadian/USA border. Narrow roads, tight corners, and steep cliffs is the best way to describe the route.

Reviews online advise travelers to complete the route early to avoid congestion, so that is what we did… or thought we did. We entered the park just after 8am and we’re quick to find out that parking at many of the recommended hiking spots were already full along the road. Regardless, we were in awe every minute of the 3 hour journey. Quick stops to check out the views are encouraged as turn-out areas are frequent, and with everyone’s agenda being different, they were never crazy busy.

Sadly the sun didn’t make an appearance today, but if it did, I’m sure we could’ve touched it. That’s how crazy high up we were. It was beautiful with cloudy skies, I can only imagine what it would look like on a bright, clear day.

Logan’s Pass, the highest elevation of the route at 6646ft, is home to the Continental Divide that separates the Pacific and Atlantic watersheds in North America. As a teacher, there’s always time for educational tidbits… not that our kids would agree.

If you have a fear of heights or a weak stomach, ‘Going to the Sun Road’ may not be for you. Not being one for fast cars, busy traffic and crazy roads, I’m happy to report I maybe only flinched once or twice.

Cara and I created this masterpiece!

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