Old Tyme Candy Shoppe – 21 Degrees Celsius

Oh to be a kid again!

I think we all remember that special candy store we frequented as a child. Coming from a small town, for me it was the Shell Station, for Clive it was Green Gables in Bedford. Being allowed to walk down the street (without our parents) with anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar burning a hole in our pocket. We were always pumped to indulge in whatever sweet treat caught our eye. While I don’t recall what my go-to treat was, I know I was in my glory.

Today, things are a bit different for obvious reasons. First of all, you can’t buy much for a dollar, never mind 50 cents. Stores lack the simplicity they did 30+ years ago, and raising kids in the city makes me leary about letting them venture off to the closest candy store which is over 1km away.

On our road trip this summer to find the sun, we found ourselves staying one night in Canmore, Alberta, a community 20 minutes east of Banff. In our adventure around town, the kids were beyond excited when we walked past ‘Old Tyme Candy Shoppe’ on 8th Street. Both kids were in heaven!

Prices have definitely changed. Combined the kids paid just over $21 for two small bags of assorted candy… an amount we paid a couple dollars for. The price didn’t phase them, and they enjoyed each piece, well Cara enjoyed hers, half of JT’s bag accidentally dumped onto the ground in a dirty parking lot in Waterton.