Waterton National Park – 32 Degrees Celsius

As mentioned in prior posts, Clive has a love for driving and thought it would be more scenic if we took a less traveled road through the mountains from Canmore to Waterton National Park. Seemed like a good idea until we hit gravel and my poor Lexus experienced washboard roads and extra large potholes.

As for the scenery, we saw cows and trees, mountains, creeks and small rivers and one black bear, none of which got the kids excited. They both agreed their highlight was when we stopped at Livingstone Falls and Clive slipped and lost one of his flip flops in the falls. Nice kids! Luckily he wasn’t hurt and the shoe was recovered.

When we finally pulled into Waterton National Park, the sun was out and the thermometer on the SUV said 32. WE FOUND THE SUN, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Before checking into the hotel, we ventured up a 3km hiking trail to Bertha Falls. The trail was pretty much in full sun as a result of the burnt trees from the 2017 forest fire. With the hot sun beating down and the trail incline of just under 600 feet, we were quick to realize the 8 bottles of water we brought probably weren’t enough.

The views on the way up were breathtaking. Blue skies, magnificent mountains and deep blue water. It was sad to see the devastation that remained as a result of the forest fire, and it made me reflect on how fortunate we are.

Around each corner and up every incline, made the sound of the falls greater. People along the path were super friendly and very encouraging as they told us we were almost there.

Upon our arrival at the falls, both kids were quick to cool off in a small pool of water at the base of the falls. We tried to take a family picture but with feelings of pure exhaustion written all over our faces, we opted not to bother.

After eating supper at Trapper’s Grill and a walk around town, we headed back to our hotel located on the bay of Waterton Lake. Once again JT needed to test out the water, and despite the rocky bottom and cold water he managed to do quite well.

Now that we found the sun, tomorrow we’re going there. Stay tuned!

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