A Fresh Coat of Paint

When we bought our home four years ago it was pretty easy to decide which kid got which room. One room was beige and the other had three hot pink and one black wall. If you know Cara, the latter had her name written all over it. The easy solution was just to let Cara have the room so I didn’t need to spend countless hours repainting it.

On any given day, Cara’s room looks like a typical 11 year olds room. Sometimes it looks neat, but if you look closely, things are carefully stuffed into small spaces, with hopes of never being seen. She sees value in things I consider to be junk. Needless to say, eventually everything bursts at the seams and mom needs to swoop in and do a massage purge.

When I started this post school had been out for a couple weeks, and with continued rain in the forecast, I decided to paint Cara‘s room. Couldn’t be that hard. I brought home a handful of paint samples and let her pick her favorite. Anything would be better than the hot pink and black.

3 coats of primer later… the room was white and ready to be painted. If you know me, you’ll know I’m kinda like the Energizer Bunny. I go go go until things are done. While I don’t see this characteristic as being a bad thing, my rushed behavior resulted in a handful of paint drops on the carpet, and twice as many on me. Hair, face, glasses, arms, clothes, toes… you name it, I had paint on it. Lucky me got to hear Clive’s ‘not so original joke about the paint supposed to be on the walls, not on me, a few times.

With the walls white, I cracked open the paint color Cara selected and began stage two. This step wasn’t nearly as tedious as the primer, but with all the nooks in her room, I swear the two coats of trim alone took half a dozen hours. My right arm was definitely getting a workout… not as intense as Daniel’s painting workout in Karate Kid, but definitely a workout for my 42 year old arm.

By this point, Cara and JT were tired of being bunk mates and the nighttime arguing grew. I swear they intentionally pick or say the opposite that the other one says just to annoy each other. Meanwhile, Cara’s wardrobe and collection of crafts, toys and stuffys exploded in our living room. Just passing by elevated my stress. Holy messy!

Stage three had me paint the baseboards and door. By this point, this was the last thing I wanted to do, but after years of wear and tear, they needed some attention. This meant more paint on me and a bit more on the carpet.

Stage four had Clive shampooing the carpet with an attempt to freshen up the space and remove the many paint drips. It was going to take a miracle to get the carpet looking good.

A new bed frame from Wayfair and dresser from Ikea added 6 hours of construction to the rainy summer project. While I’m still not impressed that Mother Nature gave us 163mm of rain during the month of July, I’m happy I had the chance to complete this project for Cara.

PS – my painting days are done!


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