Halloween 2019

Halloween kinda snuck up on us this year. I thought we were on the ball when we bought the kids their costumes and pumpkins a couple weeks ago. However, in terms of our Halloween traditions, I feel like I dropped the ball… until last night.

Pumpkin carving, Spooktacular Acreage, The Walking Dead and the a few decked out houses was how the four of us spent the night of the 30th. What usually we spread out over a weekend or two, was crammed into one night. It seemed like we had lots of time and then boom, time was no longer in our favor.

Leaving things to the last day won’t happen again… especially pumpkin carving. Silly me wasn’t thinking when we left our two pumpkins on the front step. Brrrr! OUR PUMPKINS FROZE! I really should’ve known better considering where we live, but clearly I wasn’t thinking.

Drawing our designs on the pumpkins was hopeless, as the pen washed off. Slicing into the frozen pumpkin took a lot of extra muscle. Frost bite quickly sank in when cleaning the guts of the pumpkin. With the pumpkin beginning to thaw, it’s structure was compromised so we quickly finished up and put them back outside.

Sadly the damage couldn’t be fixed and by 4pm today, a couple hours before the trick or treaters hit the road, the soggy pumpkins were laid to rest. They were a sad sight! One kid had tears and one could care less. Definitely a sad day when a pumpkin doesn’t survive the day it’s meant to celebrate!

Clive collecting his ‘Parent Tax’ from JT’s first haul. LOL!

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