Hiking at the Grand Canyon

As a family we’ve hiked short distances, mostly on flat land, so hiking a small portion of the Grand Canyon was a whole new experience.

We chose the South Kahbib Trailhead with our destination being Ooh Aah Point and Cedar Ridge. The distance seemed manageable with 1.4km and 2.4km respectfully. However, knowing we would experience an elevation change of over 1000 feet, steep paths and rock cliffs, we didn’t know what to expect.

Initially the hike down was doable and pretty easy. The trail zigzagged back and forth down the side of the canyon giving us our first glimpse of the walls of the massive rock. However, as the elevation declined and the flat trail became unleveled, you could feel the strain on your joints and knees. As beautiful as the path was, it was also both rocky and dusty, leaving our shoes a new color.

The views the entire way down were magnificent and the colors of the rock changed as the sun began to peak over the edge of the canyon wall. JT kept commenting on how the landscape looked like a screensaver. I guess that was his way of saying it was picture perfect.

Every so often we’d stop to take in the view and look back to see how far down we actually were. In the pics below of Cara, you’ll see the top of the canyon, where our hike started.

It was easy to figure out how Ooh Aah Point lookout got its name when we arrived. The outlook offered almost a 360 degree view of the canyon below, giving us yet another unique view of this natural wonder.

After a short water break, we continued on our way to the next lookout, Cedar Ridge. At this point, the trail changed from manageable to somewhat challenging. My comfort level was slowly decreasing and my mama bear hat was telling me that we needed to turn back. For every step further we took going down, it was going to take longer to get back up, and by the looks of things, it was going to be a lot harder.

The sun was finally out when we decided to head back up. I’m proud to say we made it 2km down. Not too shabby for newbies!

Hiking up wasn’t fun but it’ll definitely be something we all remember. Exhaustion was quick to take over as we slowly inched our way to the top. Every time we would look up, we’d see a steady stream of people going down with excitement and determination on their faces. I’m sure we were a sight to see. The zigzagged path seemed to be never ending, yet somehow we reached the top.

Hike #1 of the day done, now onto #2!

**JT had to have his picture taken by the ‘Warning’ sign showing a hiker puking! Crazy kid!

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