Day 1 of No School – COVID-19 Pandemic

Only one hour into no school as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and JT texts me a sad picture of himself. I couldn’t believe it, I was at work for only an hour and I was already beckoned to break up an argument on FaceTime. Oh my goodness, what will the next couple weeks, or even worse, possibly months, look like for our kids.

With the situation in Alberta worsening over the weekend, like many parents we were left with short notice about schools closing. I understand the reasoning behind the sudden change of plans and am fortunate that I wasn’t left scrambling for childcare. As an educator I’m appreciative of the decision as with 30 students in a confined space, someone is always sniffling or sneezing. Social distancing is merely impossible!

With Clive working days today, and myself having to work, we left Cara in charge. I left a small to-do list, knowing darn well that if I didn’t, technology would consume their day. A couple chores, a few games, tv and tech, seemed like an easy day to me!

Minus a disagreement, I’d say they had a pretty good day. However, I did need to review expectations after work in regards to not leaving lights on throughout the house and reminding JT where the garbage can was. Fingers crossed day 2 of being home continues to be smooth.

A little fresh air and exercise after I got home from work!

As for me, I’m still unsure what this time away from my students will look like. It’s my understanding that AB Education wants to keep things as consistent as possible across the province in terms of what distance learning will look like. When they know, we’ll all know. What I do know is that parents will be invited in at some point this week to gather their child’s belongings and that school is closed indefinitely. Could this really be the end?

Cara and JT have decided to VLOG their daily experience with the COVID pandemic. This should be interesting if things continue.

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