Day 2 of No School – COVID-19 Pandemic

Today was day 2 of no school for kids in Alberta as a result of COVID-19. Cara and JT are slowly adjusting to their new normal, and I’m waiting for direction to find out what my role as an educator will be. Things are pretty quiet not only at school but in the streets.

I spent my day today sorting through students booklets and assignments, making piles for when parents pick up belongings later this week. Sorting and tossing my own items, something I typically do at the end of June. My classroom feels empty. I still can’t wrap my head around the possibility no school for a lengthy period of time. Closed to students, indefinitely! How did this happen? What does the future hold?

Over the last couple of months I’ve incorporated technology into my art classes and today, our latest assignment arrived from the print center. As I sat there and cut the laminated posters, a sense of sadness flooded over me. Ironically, the art showcased their hopes and dreams. All I could think about was if they were okay. This is a lot for adults to take in, never mind getting kids to understand. My class has been like a family for the last year and a half. Relationships have been built, and connections with families have been made. I know which kids see school as an outlet from home, which kids don’t always have food in front of them, and which kids thrive on social interactions. My heart and mind are with each of them.

I wish I could show all of the posters… they digitally cut themselves out of one picture and put themselves into another art project.

I decided yesterday to send my students a daily video update from the classroom, and it’s great seeing the comments. I want my class to know I’m still here and that I’ll continue to be one of their biggest supporters!

As for Cara and JT, I’m happy to say I didn’t receive any frantic messages today and I didn’t need to break up any arguments. Garbage was picked up (way to go JT!) but unnecessary lights were on. Overall, I’m thinking I’ll take today as a win!

Here is today’s VLOG from Cara and JT!

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