Day 3 of No School – COVID-19 Pandemic

Today our school opened its doors to half of our school community, giving parents and students an opportunity to gather their belongings. The remaining families will come tomorrow. The mood was pretty somber not knowing what the future holds. Our chats were limited and our hearts were heavy as we said our goodbyes, from a distance.

Today was the third day of no school for students in Alberta and, like many, I still can’t wrap my head around the magnitude of this pandemic. I feel for the kids. Snow days are one thing in Alberta, something kids get excited about, but this is different. Kids get it. Kids are scared. This is nothing to be excited about.

As instructed by our school board, tomorrow I will work from home until further notice. What this will look like long term is still unknown? But, with spring break starting Monday, we’re told to take this time to focus on our own wellness and that of our family’s. We will be given more information after the break.

Packing up my work was a task in itself. I grabbed a box and started filling it. Knowing I’m not allowed back into the building, what do I take to teach from home? What exactly will digital learning entail? Crazy times!

Today at work, I heard about this video that highlights Italians sharing what they wish they would’ve done 10 days ago to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It’s crazy how fast things are changing and from what I see, some people continue to think they’re invincible. Come on people, have you heard of social distancing?

Cara and JT’s Daily VLOG

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