Day 4 of No School – COVID-19 Pandemic

Today was my first day of being home from work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hate to admit it, but my patience has been tested, and my house is already a mess! Ahhhhhhh! We definitely need to setup a schedule so we all keep our sanity. Who knows, we each may be self-isolating to separate rooms in the near future.

Last night after supper, the four of us had some fun by playing crokinole. We were recently introduced to this game and have since taken quite a liking to it. We randomly drew for partners using a free online spinner, but didn’t keep score due to the sensitivity of some of our family members. Hahaha!

JT has recently taken a liking to the Harry Potter series and he’s been trying to change the names of our cats to that of characters from the series. So, after crokinole last night, I had the four of us take the Harry Potter What House Are You Hat Sorting Quiz … that’s a mouthful! If you haven’t taken the quiz, it asks you 10 multiple choice questions and each response, A, B, C, or D, is worth a set point value. Cara was hoping to be Ravenclaw. JT was hoping for Gryffindor and prayed to the higher almighty not to get Slytherin. Clive and I didn’t really care what house we got put in, me because I really had no preference and Clive because we didn’t really tell him what we were doing. We just said, ‘Answer the questions!’ In the end, Cara scored 26, Clive and I scored 28, and JT scored 30. Funny how our scores were all similar. Turns out we’re all just like Harry, Ron and Hermione, we’re all Gryffindor!

Today after I grabbed JT’s belongings from his school, I set up a Flipgrid question for my students which I added to my Google Classroom. I’ve been doing a daily video update for my class, but I wanted to hear from them – I wanted to find out how they were doing. Within an hour, video messages were posted by many and their responses made me sad. The consensus is, everyone is sad. Everyone is bored. Everyone misses their regular activities. Everyone misses their friends. Everyone misses school.

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